Wednesday, July 18, 2012

UPDATE: HOW TO MAKE H$ FROM STARBONDS (originally pub. 4/16)

Back in April, the doc told ya that to make H$ from StarBonds, you should pick up a few underpriced stars in anticipation of the release of The Amazing Spider-Man.  Remember that?  

Well, the Dr. always checks up on his prescriptions, so here's where we're at today, folks: 


3 Positions60,000 SharesWorth H$2,844,800.00H$1,214,400.00 (74.48%)

SecuritySharesHeldAvg. PaidCurrentToday's Change(%)ValueNet Gain / Loss(%)
Not bad!  There's probably some life left in them, too.  I'll be holding these until Spider-Man closes and the stocks officially adjust.  If there's any more significant movement, I'll be sure to let ya know, traders!

Until next time, keep holding on to ABE!


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